“And should I not PITY Nineveh, that great city. . . where thousands of people live in spiritual darkness. .?” – GOD

  • Can you hear the cry? Of 1.17 billion people!
  • Can you hear the cry? Of 2000 ethnic groups! Can you hear the cry? Of 638000 villages!
  • Can you hear the cry? Of 45% of extremely poor people living in poverty, pain, shame, foodless and diseased!
  • Can you hear the cry? Of 3 million people writhing in the pain of AIDS!

“WHAT CAN I DO?” . Is that what you are asking?

You can do something SIMPLE yet POWERFUL!

It costs you no money. Just your time and a little effort.


This great Nation containing 1/6th of the World’s population needs JESUS!

His grace to save, His power to heal, His blessing to prosper.

All this can happen by your prayer. If your answer is Yes!

Then Sign in: THE BLESS INDIA CAMPAIGN And Sure! You will get your rewards!

“Job prayed for His friends and the Lord made him prosperous “– Job 42:10

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