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by Steve Jerome on October 24, 2011

Whatever you were doing now, stop for a moment. (Unless, of course, all you’re doing is reading this book. You’ll need to continue doing that or this won’t work out very well.)

Allow yourself the luxury of a few moments to concentrate on your soul, your thoughts and your life.

Is life going where you want it to go? Really? Are your plans falling into place or falling apart? Is life getting better, getting worse or getting unbearable?

If things are bad for you now, refocus your attention. And if things are actually going okay, tighten your focus and make your life even better—right now. Here’s how.

Whatever is true in your life, accept and celebrate it. If ill health has slowed you or ill–conceived plans have thrown you, celebrate what you have. Whatever is honorable in your life, honor it. Whatever is working toward justice, just let it continue. And whatever is pure, pleasing and commendable, be pleased to commend it to a permanent place in your soul. Then, be assured that there are many, many things that are excellent and worthy of praise in your life.

You know, in my childhood I often went to church in a Presbyterian church even though I was never a Presbyterian. The church always had a printed order of worship, and it always included a “confession” and a section called the “words of assurance”. I never liked group confessions. After all, what’s to confess really? But I always liked the words of assurance.

You see, on Wednesday afternoons when the pastor and church secretary were putting together the church service, they apparently knew that their church community would need some words of assurance on Sunday, and the community that gathered there came on Sunday mornings in part because they knew that they would hear something reassuring every week, without fail.

If you’re sick today, I can’t promise you healing. If you’re overwhelmed with the minutia of life, you may not be able to lighten your load right away. But things are always better—easier and less complicated—when you focus on the things that are excellent in your life. They’re there if you’re willing to see them.

Just for today, focus on what’s good in your life. You might start a trend in your life and in the lives of others.

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