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by Steve Jerome on October 28, 2011

These feelings of unity can be annoying, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?

We’re all in this together—or at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. All of the people I know and everything I read keeps reinforcing that message. Some call it unity or oneness. Others use other words, but the message is clear: we’re all of the same substance, part of the same whole and sharing the same universe.

I didn’t sleep much the Sunday night before the massive and destructive hurricane hit New Orleans. And that’s really annoying. I blamed a brief passing thunderstorm for waking me up, but when we got up, I didn’t turn the television to a local weather report. I wanted to know if the hurricane had made landfall yet.

Since we don’t have cable, we tuned into CBS News Up–to–the–Minute, a programs I’m not sure I knew existed. The hurricane was weakening, they said, and turning away from New Orleans to less populated areas, so I felt good enough about that to go back to sleep. While that report was true, we now know, of course, the hurricane’s impact was actually much more devestating than anyone could have ever imagined.

I’ve never really been concerned with far–away weather or problems in the lives of others. But if we’re all one, how can I keep from hurting?

On the other hand, I’m encouraged by my own faith in the overall goodness of the universe, too, because I know no souls were lost. Sure, dead bodies were all around the worst hit areas of the Gulf coast, but souls, I’m certain, are eternal. Earthly lives are damaged and lost, but I’m still whole. That is, God is still whole. The universe is still as complete as it ever was, although somehow different.

So what does all this mean for those of us who don’t find ourselves in the path of the next big killer storm? Be aware of the things you have that cannot be taken away. Your house, your neighborhood and your life may pass away, wash away or simply fade away, but your essence is as vibrant as when it first came into being.

Today, pray for those who are hurting from whatever tragedy is weighing on your mind. Pray that they will recognize God in the faces around them and in their own faces.

Pray that prayer for yourself, too. But don’t forget that all souls are doing just fine. They always are.

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