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by admin on December 28, 2010

Oh that You would… enlarge my territory.1 Chronicles 4:10 NIV

Jabez wanted more influence than he presently had. He wanted to make a mark for God. So he prayed, “Lord, take everything You’ve given me and multiply it!” If he’d been a farmer, he’d have prayed, “Lord, give me a bumper crop!” If he’d been a homemaker, he’d have prayed, “Lord, give this family impact in this community!” If he’d been a stockbroker, he’d have prayed, “Lord, increase the value of my portfolio.”

“Is it right to ask God for more business?” you ask. Absolutely! Listen, “God… giveth thee power to get wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:18). God will bless your business, so that you can underwrite His! Not only is it right to ask – He’s waiting for you to do so! God’s actually looking for those who want to do more for Him because most of us shrink from this level of blessing.

That’s because we’re working with timid faith and the wrong formula. We think: “My abilities + experience + personality + appearance + lucky breaks + the cooperation of others = my destiny.” No, you’ve left God out! Here’s the right equation: “My weakness x God’s almightiness = more blessing, more territory, and more impact for Him.”

Every miracle begins with a bold request. When you don’t take a step of faith, you don’t need God. But when you cry, “Enlarge my territory,” He provides everything you need to fulfil His purposes, and He gives you a front-row seat in a life of miracles. Today, why don’t you pray, “Oh that You would enlarge my territory”?

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Angus MacKillop December 29, 2010 at 11:01 am

Early in 2010 my wife and I prayed the Prayer of Jabez; that the Lord would enlage the work we are doing for Him and use us more for Him. Our prayer was answered.
We fervently believe that praying this prayer, or indeed any prayer for that matter, for any personal gain – either directly or indirectly – is not in keeping with Christ’s teachings.
May I pray for you now?
Heavenly Father,
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ You son, I come before you with head bowed low and with open hands raised. I come before you as a confessed sinner, redeemed by the blood of Jesus.
Father, I lift up the country and Your peoples of India before you. I pray you will bless this great and glorious nation of Yours. Bless the Christians and the non-Christians. Bless the persecuted and their persecutors. I pray, Oh Lord, that Your Holy Spirit will now hover over all the peoples of India and bring them to Christ. I pray for the government of India and all the sections of Indian society, that You will put You people into positions of power such Christians that Your word and Your will may be exercised directly upon the peoples of India now! I pray that Your men and women will conquer all parts of the Indian society and take positions of power in Your name, at bottom levels, at the middle levels and at the upper levels such that all of India may be changed from the inside out!!
Father, I pray that You will broaden the territory of all Your Churches in India such that peaceful revival shall break out in unprecedented numbers bringing the population of India to Christ within the next ten years or less.
I pray against the powers and principalities which now rule over India and its government and society and in the name of Jesus I bind all powers and principalities in and over India. I bind all spirits of rebellion, hate, anger, extremism, idolatry and false religions in India. I release the love and peace of Jesus Christ himself upon all the people of India and bless them that they will all know the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour within the next ten years. I declare that by the close of this decade that India will be a Christian nation!!
Father, thank you for this opportunity for praying for and blessings Your nation of India. Now, please, let Your almighty grace be powerfully displayed in that country. Oh Lord, bring India to Christ!!
I pray this all in the name of your only begotten son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen and Amen.

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