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by admin on December 30, 2010

Oh that You would… keep me from harm.1 Chronicles 4:10 NIV

Be careful! Success can dull your sense of dependence, and make you presumptuous. It can give you a wrong (and dangerous) view of your own strength. That’s why Jabez prayed, “Lord, when I’m successful, keep me from harm.” One fourth of The Lord’s Prayer is asking for protection. David and Solomon didn’t get into trouble, until they became kings. Wise up!

Someone has said, “Danger is not being on the edge of the precipice, it’s being unwatchful there.” Too many of us ‘blow it’ because we think we’re immune to the pitfalls that claim others. You’re no match for the devil! He approached Adam and Eve at the peak of their performance and crushed them with one conversation. Stay out of places you shouldn’t be! Watch for things that feed your carnal nature! Refuse to walk with those who are not going God’s way!

Bruce Wilkinson tells of a Roman Gladiator in big trouble. Somehow he’s dropped his sword and the enraged lion, seeing its opportunity, is in mid-lunge, jaws wide open. In horror the Gladiator tries to flee. The caption reads, “Sometimes you can’t afford to come in second!”

The best strategy for defeating a roaring lion is to stay out of the arena. That’s why Jabez’s final request in prayer was, “Lord, keep me from harm.” You need to pray that prayer today too.

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